Our clients


Some of our clients / customers of our products and services. This list is here for promotional reasons in gratitude to all who cooperate with us and who have enabled us to become lider in our area. Thank you. Your Zmaj AD.

Železara Smederevo

Company for production and processing of steel based in Smederevo. Established under the name "Sartid" 1913th year. Her activity is the manufacture and processing of steel.

Lafarge Serbia
One of the largest producers of cement, concrete and plaster in the world. In our market, about a couple of years. 

Makstil & Duferco - Macedonia
Leader in the production of metals on the territory of Macedonia and in the world. Duferco Company is a world famous company from 1979.

U.S Steel Slovakia
USS company based in Slovakia. Our long-standing client and buyer of our products.