List of services



List of services






Since its foundation, Zmaj AD deals with the production, execution and craft works by providing tinsmith and other services. The company went through restructuring and reorganization after which its business activities reduces the production of covers and performing services reparation by welding, tinsmith services and rental of workers.



 Other services 

Here you can find a list of our services with a short description.

  • Electrical works
  • Building sheet-metal
  • Ventilation and air ducts

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 Rolls repair 

 Equipment for reparation of rolls and rollers was installed in ZMAJ in 2007th and has the following characteristics:

- Maximum weight of work items - 5t
- Maximum length - 4500mm
- Maximum diameter-1000mm
- Minimum diameter - 200 mm


Internationally recognized technology enables significant performance improvement of repaired rolls.